Drone Photography @ Manly West

Drone Photography at 100m over Manly Rd, Manly West to capture the proximity of a property for sale to the Morton Bay area.

Drone photography looking towards Morton Bay, near Manly.

We recently completed a real estate marketing photography assignment for Black Diamond Property Group at 357 Manly Rd, Manly West. Part of the brief  was to capture aerial drone photography showing the location of the home for sale in context to the Morten Bay area and immediate surrounds. Fortunately we had perfect blue skies albeit with strong winds that the Mavic2 was able to handle with ease. We took the drone to 90m above the ground, capturing a range of photographs on the way up. All images were taken using exposure bracketing and then combined to produce a high dynamic range image (HDRI), maximising the quality by preserving detail in the highlights and shadows.

We also used the drone to sneak in between some palm trees at only 4 metres above the ground  to capture a lovely photograph of the front of the home.

Aerial drone photography is especially useful when selling acreage property. We have undertaken acreage real estate marketing photography for Elders Jimboomba  at a number of locations around the area including 51 Sugar Gum Court Flagstone,  Millstream Rd Cedar Vale and 79 Paula Rd South Maclean, all incorporating a range of aerial and ground photography. Closer to Brisbane, we recently photographed an acreage property at Wildsoet St, Burbank.

The DroneAce Projects page and Gallery page includes further samples of aerial photography and video of homes for sale. 

90 meters up - aerial drone photography 357 Manly Rd, Manly Rd West

- Aerial drone photography at only 4m -

Sneaking in between the palm trees at 4m above the ground to capture the front of 357 Manly Rd
 Sneaking  in between the palm trees at 4m above the ground to capture the front of 357 Manly Rd

Real Estate Photography – on the ground at 357 Manly Rd.

DroneAce operator Phil Savory is an accomplished real estate photographer with over 4 years experience photographing peoples homes for sale in and around Brisbane. See more real estate photography at his website Phil Savory Photography.

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