Gabion wall construction at Metroplex West

Drone video & photography of a large gabion wall constructed by Concrib Pty Ltd for the Volvo Headquatres at Metroplex West, Brisbane

Drones in Construction – Metroplex West Volvo Office

In conjunction with Shadforths Civil Contractors, Concrib Pty Ltd recently completed the gabion wall at Metroplex West – Volvo site, next to the Ipswich motorway. As designed by Sheehy Partners, the specified gabion rock was sourced from three different suppliers to create the variegated block effect. The brief from Concrib entailed the delivery of a 4K video of the retaining wall as well as capturing a range of still photographs from a number of different heights. Of importance was highlighting the scale of the wall plus capturing the variation in the rock colour. 

Drone images - Capturing visual assets

Drones are the ideal platform for documenting & showcasing large construction projects using both 4K video or high resolution photographs. These visual assets can then be used for stakeholder engagement, inter company communications, business branding and promotion online & posting across multiple social media platforms.

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drone photography of Concrib Pty Ltd constructed gabion wall at Metroplex West
Concrib Metroplex West Volvo Gabion Wall Aerial Video

Concrib Pty Ltd Drone Photography &  Video Projects

DroneAce have undertaken a number of aerial drone photography and video projects in and around South East Queensland for Concrib capturing the variety and size of their engineered retaining walls. Some of these projects include:

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We have aerial photographed similar construction projects such as the  HS Roads Logan Motorway Enhancement ProjectMore examples of our aerial photographs are viewable in the Drone Photography Gallery.

Drone Video @  Metroplex West Gabion Wall Construction, Brisbane 

Aerial Drone Photography - Metroplex West

Drones provide safe, fast & effective means to capture built structures at the perfect height and angle.
Concrib Metroplex West Volvo Gabion Wall Aerial Video

Aerial Drone Panorama for Metroplex West

Keeping the drone close to the wall, we rotated it left to right while simultaneously taking 5 overlapping photographs and then later stitched them together to create this 7823 x 3830 pixel panorama. 

Concrib Metroplex West Volvo Gabion Wall Aerial Video

Aerial Drone Photography - Metroplex West

50m above the Metroplex West site with the variation in stone structure easily identifiable.
Concrib gabion wall Metroplex West by DroneAce Brisbane

Recent Drone Photography & Video Projetcs

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