Concrib Retaining Walls at Brookhaven

Aerial drone video & photography of retaining walls at Brookhaven land development project

  • Date: 12 February 2018
  • Client: Concrib Pty  Ltd
  • Project Type: Aerial Photography & Video
Concrib Brookhaven Retaining Wall Aerial Video

Brookhaven Drone Video & Photography for Concrib Pty Ltd 

Concrib Pty Ltd hired DroneAce to capture the scale of the Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 Brookhaven residential land development project south of Brisbane highlighting the use of their engineered segmental retaining walls. Once we identified a safe location to operate the drone from and keeping it in line of sight, we were able to rapidly capture drone video and photography from a number of different heights and vantage points. The total time on site being under 2 hours.

Concrib Pty Ltd Drone Photography &  Video Projects

DroneAce have undertaken a number of aerial drone photography and video projects in and around South East Queensland for Concrib capturing the variety and size of their engineered retaining walls. Some of these projects include:

If you work in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industries and need aerial drone photography to capture your next project, please call Phil (DroneAce operator) on 0404 840 001.

We have aerial photographed similar construction projects such as the  HS Roads Logan Motorway Enhancement ProjectMore examples of our aerial photographs are viewable in the Drone Photography Gallery.

Drone Videography of  Concrib Retaining Walls at Brookhaven Land Development

Aerial Panorama Photography

20m above the construction site

To capture the entire site, a 8407 x 5274 pixel drone panorama was created by blending 5 overlapping images together.

Concrib Brookhaven Retaining Wall Aerial Video

Crib Wall Drone Photography

Flying the drone just out from the crib wall allowed us to capture the height and length of the structure.
Concrib Gabion Wall Lamington National Park Landslip Repair Aerial photography

Crib Wall Drone Photography

50m above the crib wall with the main development and segmental walls in the background
Concrib Brookhaven Retaining Wall Aerial Video

Recent Drone Photography & Video Projects

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