Drone video & photography @ South Ripley.

Capturing drone video & photography of 3 large shade sail structures constructed at public parks in South Ripley, Queensland for Brisbane Shade and Sails Pty Ltd.

Aerial Video & Photography for Brisbane Shade Sails, South Ripley 

Brisbane Shade Sails  is a Brisbane based company that specialises in large commercial and residential shade sail structures. They had a need to photograph and document finished shale sail structures from above however hiring a helicopter was prohibitively expensive with the added disadvantage of not being to get close enough for detailed photography, while using a cherry picker as an alternative also too slow, cumbersome and expensive with the added disadvantage of needing to hire a professional photographer as well as the cherry picker’s limited height and access points.

The company therefore contacted DroneAce with the idea to video and photograph a number of recently finished shade sail structures in the suburb of Ripley South, 45 minutes south west of Brisbane. The task was to take a sequence of aerial drone videos capturing a variety of shade sail structure including close ups as well as capturing “establishing shots” to present the entire structures in their built environments, in this case public parks. We captured a range of 4K 25fps sequences including orbits, fly buys, high rotations, pans and dollies and edited them together to form an captivating promotional video with upbeat music.

Aerial Drone panorama stitched photograph Brisbane Shade Sails South Ripley

DroneAce are Drone Photography Experts

All the photographs of the shade sail structures were captured using exposure bracketing (5 photographs of the same image taken with different exposure settings) and then combined together using high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) techniques to extend the dynamic range of the photographs. This ensures that both detail in the shadows and the highlights are preserved and results in the very best quality photographs possible.

All up we provided 25 aerial photographs plus an edited 90 second video at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods of capture representing great value to the client.

After we successfully completed this drone project, Brisbane Shade Sails asked DroneAce to capture drone video and photography at the Pirate ship park at Flagstone.

More example of our aerial photographs are viewable in the drone photography gallery.

Top Down Aerial Photography - 50 metres

Highlighting the complex design of one the shade sail structures at a public park in Ripley South

Eye-catching photographs are perfect for marketing on today’s images-based social media channels.

Aerial photography 50m for Brisbane Shade Sails South Ripley

Aerial Drone Photography - Get the BIG Picture

At only 15 metres above the ground, the drone was able to rapidly capture the complexity of the shade sail design. Photographs like these are invaluable assets for business as they show case a company’s past projects and demonstrate experience and competencies.

Get the BIG picture - Aerial Drone Video Brisbane Shade Sail South Ripley

Photographing Multiple Shade Sail Structures - Quick & Easy

Using a drone for photography was a rapid process and resulted in huge cost savings for the client
20 metre height - Aerial Drone photography Brisbane Shade Sail South Ripley

What Ever Height, What Ever Angle

Using photographic composition principals to get high quality images that tell a story up to a height of 120 metres.
Aerial Drone photography Brisbane Shade Sail South Ripley

Photographing Built Structures in Their Surrounds - Capture the Scale

Photographing the entire park with the drone at 50 metres above the ground captured one shade sail structure in the foreground with another two in the background.

59 metre height - Aerial Drone photography Brisbane Shade Sail South Ripley

Aerial Photography using High Dynamic Range Imaging

DroneAce always using Exposure Bracketing combined with High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) techniques to acquire and provide the highest quality possible photographs. This preserves detail in both the brightest and darkest parts of the photographs. This is demonstrated in the following images with detail visible in the brighter shade sails structures and concrete foot paths while still seeing detail in the darker shadows.  

Aerial Drone photography Brisbane Shade Sail South Ripley
15metre height - Aerial Drone photography Brisbane Shade Sail South Ripley


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