Drone photography @ Griffin

Flying the Mavic2Pro drone at Brays Rd, Griffin to photograph a new real estate development project.

Drone photography & real estate marketing photography at Brays Rd Estate.

This newly constructed development in Brays Rd, Griffin needed a range of internal photographs taken as well as exterior and street-scape photographs for web marketing and posting on social media platforms. We added virtual furniture to the empty lounges and bedrooms to increase the appeal of the homes. A number of aerial drone photographs were captured at various heights and vantage points.

We undertook a similar photography project for a new master-planned estate at Gainsborough Views, Pimpama.

The DroneAce Projects page and Gallery page also include samples of aerial photography and video of homes for sale. 

Aerial Photography Brays Rd Griffin master planned estate

- Aerial drone photography at Brays Rd, Griffin -

50m above the estate looking from the rear onto the main road entry.
Aerial Photography Brays Rd Griffin master planned estate

Internal Photography – on the ground at Brays Rd Griffin

DroneAce operator Phil Savory is an accomplished real estate photographer with over 4 years experience photographing people’s homes for sale in and around Brisbane. See more real estate photography at his website¬†Phil Savory Photography.

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