Aerial Drone Photographs Paddington Residential Apartment for sale and lease

Aerial drone photographs Paddington residential apartment. Using the DJI Mavic Pro to get a better perspective on a residential apartment block for sale in Paddington, Brisbane

Aerial Drone photographs Paddington Residential Apartment

Using the DJI MavicPro to photograph a newly developed residential apartment block in Paddington, Brisbane. We were able to find a point of view that was the most appealing for the property  and negate any perspective distortion that would have been apparent had the photograph been taken from ground level. Using the drone provided a more flexible,  faster and safe solution to the alternative of using pole photography.
By photographing more at the eye level of a property, Aerial drone images  overcome obstructions like front fences and hedges that don’t allow the buyer to see more of the actual property.

Aerial Panorama

The final image is an aerial panorama made up fours separate images stitched together using AutoPano Giga to create a more impressive, wider field of view.

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