Construction site drone video for medical centre development 

Capturing unique & eye catching drone video of construction sitesworks in progress” is an effective tool for stakeholder engagement.

Helensvale construction site drone video with the Mavic2Pro

DroneAce were on location at a construction site next to the Homeworld Helensvale shopping centre (situated on the northern part of the Gold Coast) flying the compact and highly maneuverable Mavic2Pro drone to capture drone photography and  drone video of a new medical centre under development. The drone is the ideal capture platform due to its low noise, small size, 4K RAW video capture mode and ability to take high resolution bracketed photographs.

A number of video clips were captured including slow pans, orbits and fly overs. These clips were to be edited into additional ground video  and then destined for promotion on social media platforms and publishing online for stakeholder engagement.

The following video was captured using the Mavic2Pro 4K H265 DLOG-M video format and the photographs were captured using exposure bracketing and processed using high dynamic range imaging techniques  also known as HDRI (to preserve detail in the shadows as well as the high lights). 

DroneAce are the experts in capturing drone video of construction sites. For more information, call Phil on 0404 840 001.

Construction site drone video of medical centre development at Helensvale
Construction site drone video of medical centre development at Helensvale

For more information about the project, please call Phil @ DroneAce on 0404 840 001

Construction site drone video of medical centre development at Helensvale

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