Photogrammetry - Point Clouds

Photogrammetry - Orthomosaics

Photogrammetry - Digital Surface Models

Site survey and enterprise 3D modeling solutions

Providing the right type of drone data

DroneAce has experienced in producing a variety of GIS mediums and using advanced photogrammetry software is able to provide accurate  and comprehensive post-processing 3D modeling solutions tailored  to your specific needs. This includes providing data in industry standard formats for immediate use in your program of choice including   orthomosaic map,  Digital Elevation Model (DEM), 3D models (.obj and FBX) Point cloud (.lar) or GEOTIFF files.

GIS,CAD and 3D render software compatible

Our high-density high-accuracy 3D models captured using our aerial mapping service are used in many industries for planning, decision-making, and design & visualization purposes including.

  • Engineering and construction
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Mining
DroneAce used aerial drone mapping and 3D modeling photogrammetry techniques to produce this accurate 3D model of a quarry in Brisbane

Flexible Multipurpose Drone Data

Use your existing work flows and tools and add accurate high resolution data delivered in the format you need:

  • Tiff > High resolution orthomosaics ready for mark-ups providing up-to-date progress
  • LAS > Point Cloud Data for importing into industry standard CAD software
  • OBJ/FBX > Use 3D meshes for real time viewing of terrains
  • DTM> Get an understanding of the terrain shape and structure and utilise contour lines for site slope evaluation

DroneAce provides rapid turn around aerial mapping and 3D modeling solutions for businesses in mining, construction, insurance and agriculture to assist in planning, decision-making, and design & visualization purposes

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