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Brisbane Drone Services Rates & Conditions

We quote on a per job basis giving you the best possible price for your specific project requirements as each drone imaging project is unique. Once you have fully briefed us on your project requirements, we will provide you with an accurate quote outlining the scope of work to be undertaken and the corresponding deliverables.

Bookings, Deposits & Availability

Once the quote is accepted a deposit of 25% is required to confirm the booking. As the weather can be a factor in determining if a drone flight can be undertaken, we are flexible with clients with dates for the required project. Should the client cancels the confirmed booking, we retain the deposit unless previously agreed in writing.

Copyright & Rights Usage

All rights to photographs, video footage and processed digital data are retained by DroneAce. Clients have full usage of all materials delivered but are not permitted to sell delivered photographs, video footage or any other digital data to another individuals, entities or business and cannot allow a third party to use it without written agreement from DroneAce. We retain the right to use any footage for internal promotion unless specifically requested otherwise before the project commences. If you have specific about these terms, please speak to us before we commence your drone imaging project.

Flight Planning, Risk Assessments & Insurances

DroneAce is CASA registered and fully insured. Prior to undertaking any drone project, we prefer to do a site inspection of the intended areas to be flown over to locate and document any natural and purpose build structures that may pose a risk to the operation of the drone. (eg trees, power lines, communications towers etc)

Brisbane drone services rates conditions - commercial drone photography
Brisbane drone services rates conditions - residential apartment drone photography
Brisbane drone services rates conditions - Construction drone photography
Brisbane drone services rates conditions - Commercial real estate drone photography

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