BunyipSprings FarmStay – drone photographs captured from a 2.7K video stream

BunyipSprings FarmStay drone photograph to Bunya Mountains

BunyipSprings FarmStay 2.7K Video Drone Photographs

While not as flexible as the 4000*3000 RAW image files, the images that can be saved out of a MavicPro 2.7K video stream are still very usable provided they are properly exposed in the first place. Do not expect to be able to do much in the way of levels or curves adjustments. One interesting and useful technique can be used on a panned video and that is to save multiple images from the video stream and create a panorama such as the image above.

All the following aerial drone photographs shown where saved out of a 2.7K video stream using VLC Media Player.

In May 2017, DroneAce visited BunyipSprings FarmStay to capture areal drone video and photographs to further promote the farm as a tourist destination. Our blog has more Bunyip Springs drone images and video from the visit.

Sample 2.7K aerial drone video of BunyipSprings FarmStay

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